Monday, June 24, 2024
International Journal of Law, Humanities & Social Science

ISSN(ONLINE) :2521-0793
ISSN :(PRINT) :2521-0785

To contribute in the research fields of law, humanities and social science, International Journal of Law, Humanities & Social Science (IJLHSS) attempts to disseminate knowledge via its publication of scholarly articles. As part of this attempt, IJLHSS provides open access facility for all of its’ vast archive. Publication ethics of IJLHSS is to assure that the editorial board, peer board and authors will maintain harmony with the aim of IJLHSS.

Publication ethics for editorial board:

Editorial board will evaluate the following aspects of a submitted manuscripts: (a) the significance of the manuscript, (b) whether it meets the areas of interest of this journal. Editorial board will ensure that the manuscripts is valued without discriminating to author’s race, gender, religious belief, ethnic origin, political philosophy or citizenship. Editor-in-chief will correspond with the individual author(s) and reviewers. The members of editorial board will not disclose any information to anyone regarding a submitted manuscript other than the corresponding author(s), reviewers or potential reviewers. Editorial board will ensure the promptness of the review process.

Publication ethics for reviewers:

Reviewers will assist to take editorial decisions and suggest authors in the improvement process of the manuscript if needed. If a potential reviewer thinks that he/she is unqualified to review the manuscript that respected reviewer should inform the editorial board immediately. Manuscripts will be treated as confidential documents and without taking consent from the editorial board, reviewers have no right to share the manuscript with anyone. Reviewers will consider the stated aspects of a manuscript while reviewing:(a) originality (b) significance (c) relationship with the literature (d) methodology (e) statistical procedure [if any] (f) relevancy (g) practical and social implications (h) communication standard (i) outcome and contribution.  Authors can expect to receive review reports within two-three weeks. Any misconduct (breach of confidentiality, plagiarism, delay of peer review) while reviewing a manuscript is discouraged.

Publication ethics for Authors:

Authors should not submit any manuscript which is previously published or under consideration elsewhere. An author should ensure significance presentation of the manuscript in context with previous works in this respect. Appropriate citation of the work mentioned in the manuscript always is included. Authorship should be limited to the only significant contributor to the work in terms of conception, design, experimental implementation, and data analysis and interpretation. All persons making significant contributions to conduct the research should be included as co-authors. Multiple or concurrent publications, publication misconduct, plagiarism, improper author attribution, data falsification, citation manipulation are extremely prohibited. Individual author is responsible for any of the above-mentioned misconducts. The author is solely responsible for the view expressed in the manuscript and the responsibility will not lie on the editor, reviewer or publisher.

Publication ethics for Publisher:

In cases of proven fraudulent publication, the publisher and the editorial board will take appropriate action collaboratively to clarify the situation, publish an erratum, or retract the work in question.

IJLHSS expects to uphold the publication process of this international journal. To maintain congruence with the publication process, IJLHSS strictly follows these publication ethics to spread out the excellence of knowledge through publishing scholarly articles.