Monday, June 24, 2024
International Journal of Law, Humanities & Social Science

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is committed to ensuring the international standard of publication through blind peer review process. Editor-in-chief will correspond with the individual author and reviewers. After receiving the manuscript from the author, the editor-in-chief will invite reviewers to review the paper, depending on the relevance and significance of the paper. The editorial board can also invite guest reviewers considering the importance and relevancy of a manuscript. The decision of the reviewers will be considered as final, whether to accept, revise or reject the manuscript. The editorial board may invite a third reviewer, in case of a dissenting decision of the reviewers about the acceptance of any manuscript. The decision of acceptance will be entirely based on the relevance, originality, and significance of the papers. Author(s) is required to amend the manuscript, if any revision required, according to the suggestions of the reviewers.

Multiple or concurrent publications, publication misconduct, plagiarism, improper author attribution, data falsification, citation manipulation are extremely prohibited. Individual author is responsible for any of the above-mentioned misconducts. The author is solely responsible for the view expressed in the manuscript and the responsibility will not lie on the editor, reviewer or publisher. The editors will value the manuscripts without any discrimination on the ground of the author’s race, gender, religious belief, ethnic origin, political philosophy or citizenship through the blind review process.

The “acceptance letter” for publishing the manuscript will be provided only after fulfilling the criteria of the International Journal of Law, Humanities and Social Science. If any manuscript conflicts with the interest of IJLHSS, the Editorial Board has the right not to publish the paper even after the manuscript has already been accepted for publication. All rights regarding the publication of a manuscript are reserved to the Editorial board of IJLHSS.