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International Journal of Law, Humanities & Social Science

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Intentional Journal of Law, Humanities & Social Science contributes in the fields of Law, Humanities and Social Science by publishing scholarly articles. The main aim of this international Journal is to facilitate students, researchers, academicians and professionals in these respective fields.This international journal offers opportunity to enrich knowledge by providing open access facility to its vast archive. Double blind peer review process and excellent editorial policy maintains the quality of the manuscript to affirm the original and significant contribution.  SEE MORE

IJLHSS Research Area

International Journal of Law, Humanities & Social Science encompasses a broad research area to contribute in the field of knowledge. The research areas of this international journal facilitate researchers to present their findings and outcomes on various research fields. This journal appreciates the authors to submit their research paper on versatile contemporary issues. IJLHSS welcomes research based scholarly articles emphasizing the following subject matters of Law, Humanities and Social Science, but the topics of interest are not limited to these areas. SEE MORE

IJLHSS Publication process

The excellent editorial board, respected reviewers, and learned author(s) of International Journal of Law, Humanities & Social Science correspond with each other to complete the process of publication. Dedicated reviewers and enthusiastic editorial board of this international journal is committed to value your time and to ensure that they give their best effort to publish your manuscript within a reasonable time. The publication procedure includes step by step process of writing according to the template, submitting the manuscript, waiting for reviewer’s decision, and… SEE MORE

IJLHSS Editorial policy

International Journal of Law, Humanities & Social Science ensures a standard publication through double blind peer review process. The editorial board can also invite guest reviewers considering the originality, importance and relevancy of a manuscript. Multiple or concurrent publication, publication misconduct, plagiarism, improper author attribution, data falsification, citation manipulation are extremely prohibited. Individual author is responsible for any of the above mentioned misconducts.  SEE MORE

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